Here are two interesting statistics about marital affairs, from Neuman’s book The women men cheat with make them feel valued, secure, and appreciated. “If you want to make men feel secure, make them feel like they’re winning.” The husbands who had affairs said that they felt like they couldn’t win at home or in their marriage.

If you suspect an affair, read 5 Signs Your Husband is Cheating and Lying About It. But there’s something wrong with us.” In , Neuman reports the results of a survey of marriage, marital affairs, and cheating spouses.

Oprah points out the controversy in this book: a lot of the blame for affairs in marriage seems to be on the women.

“How come women have to be the ones to work it out or fix it? Neuman stresses that it’s not the wives’ fault that men cheat, and it’s not a blame game. “If you do certain things, you can lead your relationship to better place,” he says.

Women think if they appreciate their partners or husbands too much, the men will stop doing wonderful or helpful things around the house or in the relationship. You can lead your marriage to a better place if you are appreciative of your husband.

Learning why men cheat isn’t just about stopping tragedy.

Gary Neuman shares what he learned after interviewing dozens of men who cheated on their wives. Or they don’t tell you they are.” Below, this marriage counselor shares a surprising perspective of why men cheat, from both the husband’s and the wife’s perspective.

It’s a fascinating look into why men cheat, and how to prevent an affair. Ninety-two percent of men said it wasn’t primarily about the sex. If you suspect your husband is cheating, Neuman says there are quiet ways to investigate, such as looking at cell phone records or computer histories, or try using an automobile GPS tracking device if necessary.

According to Neuman, the majority of men who cheat say it’s because of emotional disconnection in their marriage. “There is a lack of thoughtful gestures,” Neuman says. But first, find out if GPS tracking is legal in your state or province.

This marriage counsellor adds that women have a great deal of power in their marriages and relationships.

It’s about building a much more mutually beneficial relationship.