The reality star couple recently stepped out together for OK! The two were all smiles on the red carpet, with Dean opening up about the tabloid reports of being spotted at a "secret" meeting with his ex-wife Mary Jo Eustace.Dean blasted the reports as "ridiculous," sarcastically adding, "It's shocking!An ex-husband and ex-wife getting together to discuss their 16-year-old son." Dean also added that the meeting wasn't secret, and that Tori knew about it at the time.

Edyta Sliwinska is a professional dancer from Poland, who is known by her slim and elegant figure and pleasant pretty face.

Edyta Sliwinska body measurements are not known, but no doubt, they are close to model.

She has banana body shape, when the figure is tall and slim, there’s no body fat on the belly and on the thighs. She was fond of dancing since childhood, but her parents had no money to pay for it, that’s why the girl was a self taught dancer.

At the age of 12 she finally got an opportunity to visit dancing classes and to train professionally.

Although she started to train quite late, she managed to become an outstanding dancer soon.

Edyta Sliwinska got international recognition, when was casted as a regular dancer to the show “Dancing with the Stars”.

Sliwinska can boast with her victories in various dancing contests and with a slim waist, which remained ideal after pregnancy. Of course, the star tries to eat just healthy calories, but if she feels, that she can’t live without an ice-cream or a big piece of cake, she can have it, but not to cross her limit of calories.

In 2014 Edyta and her husband, a producer Alec Mazo welcomed a son Michael. If Edyta has an important event in a couple of days, she can keep to an express diet.

When Edyta Sliwinska was back to work after pregnancy and her body measurements remained slim, her fans started to ask her in social media about her diet and fitness routine. For breakfast the star has just a big bowl of oatmeal and a handful of berries.

The she has grilled chicken and a bowl of vegetable salad for lunch, and finally she has several nuts and fruit for dinner.

Edyta Sliwinska dances daily, even if she is not busy with any new project and it is her cardio workout.